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Specializing in Personalized Cookies and Cupcakes, printed with your logo, photo or message. Our edible Treats inspire your imagination.
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Rainbow Party

Birthday Parties
About This Project

The only thing sweeter than decorated cakes or cupcakes are those decorated with candy! These fun and imaginative rainbow cakes will add magic to your next party. Repeating a simple pattern can have a breathtaking result, as this cake shows with all of the rainbow jellybeans around the cake. The Jellybean  cake is a three layer marble cake with vanilla chocolate chip butter cream frosting. In addition to jelly beans, the top of the cake has gummi bears, fabulous lollipops, colored sprinkles and a shortbread cookie birthday message.
The coordinating cupcakes are either chocolate or vanilla. They too have beautifully coordinating jellybeans and mini rainbow swirl lollipops in the center to look like a miniature version of the bigger cake.

Kids will also be wowed with this bright and colorful three tiered birthday cake. Each layer is a different flavor; chocolate, vanilla and marble. Your child will love the colors and coordinating gumballs surrounding each layer. The only thing sweeter that the cake itself, is the huge swirl lollipop topper. All other decorations for this cake were made of fondant. This cake tastes just as good as it looks!

The alternate title for these cakes might be “childhood dream cakes”.