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Specializing in Personalized Cookies and Cupcakes, printed with your logo, photo or message. Our edible Treats inspire your imagination.
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Rice Krispie Treats

Birthday Parties
About This Project

Extra marshmallows makes these rice krispie treats extra yummy! Treats are served on a platter, a stick or individually wrapped with a coordinating bow.

SCHOOL TREATS These tasty krispie treats are covered in chocolate and then covered with crumbled Oreo cookies. On top of the crumble is a mini Oreo cookie with a custom school logo printed on top.

POOL PARTY These treats are covered in white and blue chocolate to resemble water. Each treat is drizzled with chocolate and then decorated with sprinkles.

ROCK STAR These tasty krispie treats are covered with white chocolate. Each treat is decorated with chocolate to look like a musical note.

4th OF JULY These treats are three layers. Each layer is a different color, red, white and blue. Very festive for the holidays.

BACK TO SCHOOL These treats are covered in chocolate and then covered with different sweet and salty toppings. You can custom order the toppings you would like from M&M’s, gummy bears, marshmallows, pretzels, coconut, Oreo cookies, sprinkles to name a few…. Treats can also be personalized with notes, pictures or logos.

MINECRAFT There’s nothing better than this creeper treat for your Minecraft fan. The krispies are covered with a thin layer of chocolate and then covered with an edible creeper image. Kids will love this!

BOXING Customize your favorite sporting team on a Rice Krispie treat. These treats were great for the Mayweather VS. Pacquiao boxing fight.

BREAKFAST This gives a new twist to Rice Krsipies for breakfast. These bagel rice krispie treats are designed to look like every flavor bagel. The butter cream icing represents the cream cheese, salmon colored frosting is for the lox. All of the toppings are a delicious sweet sprinkle.

SWEET SUSHI Sushi rolls made out of candy and rice krsipie treats makes a fun treat at your next party. These desserts are made using Swedish fish, fruit rollups and rice krispie treats.

RED AND WHITE I love these red and white treats because they can be customized for any party and in any color. Choose two colors and we will sandwich these delicious treats with extra yummy marshmallows.

CARNIVAL This treat on a stick is so fun and festive for a carnival. It’s dipped in chocolate and covered with colorful and fun sprinkles. Great for party treats or favors.

NAUTICAL These nautical rice krispie treats are great for any summer party, boating theme or under the water. The star fish are covered with delectable chocolate and delicate pearls. The ROPE KNOT treat is first dipped in chocolate and topped off with a rope knot made of fondant. You can customize these treats to any color.

STARFISH These treats are especially delicious, as they are covered with salted caramel on top of the marshmallow treat.   The candy eyes add personality to this adorable dessert.

These treats are a sweet gift for Christmas, Hanukkah or someone’s birthday.  Rice Krispies treats are covered with delicious fondant and decorated to look like a special present.  You can customize these treats to any color.

These treats are a sweet gift for Thanksgiving to tell someone how much you appreciate them.  Rice Krispies treats are covered with delicious chocolate and personalized with a fondant photo image.   You can customize these treats with any text and color.